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A Slow Cooker Pot Roast plated and topped with gravy

The Top Crockpot Roast Dish

Creating the best crock pot roast recipe doesn’t need to be hard work thanks to this ingenious kitchen appliance. Cooking your pot roast in slow cooker will cause the meat to fall off the bone with tenderness,

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The Crock Pot Cookbook next to Slow Cooker

Best Guide to Assembling Your Own Crockpot Cookbook

For those with crock pots and slow cookers, they likely have a handful of good recipes up their sleeve that they’ve created and modified over the years. While it’s good to get inspiration from

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A Dirty Crock Pot on Kitchen Table

How to Achieve a Clean Crock Pot

As one of’s most trusted kitchen accessories, it’s no wonder that our crock pots and slow cookers need a thorough cleaning every now and then. While many of the modern designs

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