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The Bella Triple Slow Cooker | Professional Cook Tools

Whether you’re preparing a feast for a dinner party, a nutritious meal for the family, or your weekly meals for yourself, the Bella Triple Slow Cooker will be your new favorite kitchen elite collection accessory. It has never been easier to cook and serve a meal with such a beautiful display and using very few dishes.

The Ideal Appliance for Serving Family and Friends

With the Bella Housewares, each slow cooker pots holding 1.5 quarts, there’s ample space to create one large dish or mix it up with a variety of a few amazing creations. This slow cooker is perfect for entertaining friends and family as you’re able to cook your recipes hot and tasty without serving up any cold dishes.

When using the slow cooker for yourself, why not try to cook and serve a few different recipes and store any extras away in the freezer for those days when you don’t feel like do any cooking. This Bella Triple Slow Cooker is the only kitchen appliance you’ll ever need to cover all of your favorite meals.

Bella Triple Slow Cooker

Packed with Features

This slow cooker has been designed with functionality in mind, presenting some great features for the home chef. With separate temperature settings for each pot you have the ability to heat low, high, or warm with your kitchen creations, and the handy spoon rest makes serving a breeze.

The handy lids can either stay closed or rest open effortlessly on the lid holders, depending on how you want to serve your guests. Whichever option, your food is guaranteed to stay warm with this ingenious design.

Once you’re done cooking, simply rinse out the oval shaped pots and place them in the dishwasher for a stress-free event. Made from stainless steel and stoneware, you’re guaranteed quality Bella Housewares products that will make your meals the hit of any party.


  • Huge range of versatility with three standard 1.5 QT sized ceramic pots, all offering the ability to have their own individual temperature controls.
  • Off/Low/High and Warm, independent temperature controls allow for you to cook three meals all side by side. This way your appetizers, main dishes, and sides can use the same process and finish at the same time.
  • Dishwasher safe ceramic pots and glass lids. All three pots are made from quality stainless steel and stoneware, so they won’t bubble or crack like other non-stick surfaces.
  • Simply fill your slow cooker with the required ingredients, select the proper setting, and let the Bella Triple Slow Cooker cook your dishes to perfection.
  • This product has been designed to serve others, with a handy resting spot for spoons to dish up the meals and the easiness of dishwasher-safe materials.
  • The lid holders make for easy serving and a clean display of the main dishes. This is the ideal cookware that doubles as a serving display.

Red Bella Triple Slow Cooker Filled with Food on Table


  • For a big event, you may want to upsize with the next size of pot as 1.5 quarts may be limiting for larger groups.


This slow cooker is the perfect addition to any dinner party, event, or home cooked meals. Your friends and family will be amazed at how fresh and hot it keeps your meals, whether it’s soups, sauces, or chili.

The three separate pots in this slow cooker mean you can mix and match recipes, or if you have a favorite you want to focus on you can divide between the three. While there are three pots, the capacity of all of them only adds up to 4.5 quarts so it’s not the largest available. This size would suit small parties only, or a standard family event.

Overall, Bella Housewares are amazing worth for money and one that will add value to your family’s dinners and celebrations for years to come, not to mention reduce clean-up times because of the dishwasher safe stoneware pots. To let the Bella Triple Slow Cooker be the superstar of your next dinner or event, click on the button below to purchase from the pro series line of pressure cookers.

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